Description of Fees


What is a Administration Fee?

This mandatory fee is non-refundable and charged to all students. This fee covers enrollment processing and registration.  Once your class schedule has been entered into TouroOne, you are liable for paying this fee even if you decide not to attend.


What is a Technology fee?

The technology fee is a nominal charge in addition to tuition costs that is used for technology enhancement at Touro.


What is a Chalk & Wire fee?

Chalk & Wire is a secure online system for creation and assessment of creative electronic portfolios using a wide variety of media. Chalk & Wire is fully integrated with Blackboard, and key assignments from your Touro GSE courses will be directly pushed to Chalk & Wire for assessment by Touro faculty. You will also use Chalk & Wire to build your edTPA portfolio, keep track of teaching hours, and much, much more.


What is a Late Fee?

A late fee will be charged 30 days after the end of the add/drop period to a student who has not paid their balance in full or has not enrolled in a payment plan. The late fee will be charged on a monthly basis until the balance is paid in full.


What is a Final Exam Fee?

Final exams for students enrolled in online courses will be administered online via ProctorU ( The final exam fee will be included with registration fees for each online course. (The midterm exam fee will be paid by the student directly to ProctorU.) Please keep in mind that you will still be required to register for your exams with ProctorU.  Registration for exams will begin approximately three weeks before the exam.  Please note that there is a late fee if you do not register for the exam 3 days prior to the exam date. The late fee is paid directly to ProctorU when you register and is not included with registration fees for the course. Please contact with any questions.

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