Requesting PaperCut Printing Refund

To request a PaperCut refund for a job that did not print properly, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your TouroOne Portal account (

2. On the Home tab, scroll down to the IT Services box (towards the bottom of the screen, on the right) and click on the PaperCut button


3. This will open a new browser tab and you will need to log into your PaperCut account. (Your login credentials are the same as your TouroOne portal login credentials)


4. To view recent activity on the account, click on the 'Recent Print Jobs' link on the left side menu



5. Click the 'Request Refund' link in the Status column (last column) for the job you wish to receive refund

6. Complete the Refund Request form indicating if you are seeking a full or partial refund and the reason for the request. The request will then be submitted to the PaperCut administrator for review, and the status for the job will appear as Refund Pending

7. Requests for refunds are normally processed within three business days. To check that the refund has been applied, click on 'Transaction History' link on the left side menu. Once the refund is processed, it will show your transaction as Full Refund or Partial Refund




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