How to Add Money to Your PaperCut Account

1. Log into your TouroOne Portal account (

2. On the Home tab, scroll down to the IT Services box (towards the bottom of the screen, on the right) and click on the PaperCut button



3. This will open a new browser tab and you will need to log into your PaperCut account. (Your login credentials are the same as your TouroOne portal login credentials)


4. Click on the Add Credit link on the left side menu



5. Select the amount you wish to add from the 'Amount to Add' drop-down menu and click 'Add Value'



6. On the next page, enter payment information and your billing information and click 'Continue'



7. Complete and review the Credit Card Information page and then click the 'Continue' button

8. Review credit card information and click the 'Confirm' button

9. Once the payment is processed, the PaperCut Account Summary page will be displayed and the balance will reflect the payment you just made. Note: Click the 'Transaction History' link on the left menu to see the payments you've made so far. 

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