Registering for Courses that are Full

If a course that you want to register for is full, you should check to see if there are different sections for a course available. In order to do so, please use the following instructions. 

*If you need to register for a course that is already full, please reach out to your academic advisor to see if they can assist


1. Click on the 'Registration' tab in the TouroOne portal


2. Click on one of the 'Look Up Classes' linksLook_up_courses.png

3. Choose the semester you intend to register for and then click the 'Submit' button

4. Choose the subject of the course that you need to register for as in the below screenshot. Once the course subject is selected, click 'Course Search'Look_up_coursespart2.png 


5. Click 'View Sections' next to the course number that you need to register for. (The example here is EBAN 101) You will then see all available sections for this course with their corresponding CRNs





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