Alternate PIN Lookup

To access the list of alternate PINs:

  1. Login to your TouroOne Portal account at
  2. Click on the "Advisor" tab on your Portal account.
  3. Click on the "Advisee Listing" button within the "Advisor Tools/Helpful Links."
  4. Select the current semester for the term and click the "Submit" button.
  5. The advisee listing will then display the following features:

a) Student Name: Click the name of your advisee to view their contact information such as address and e-mail. Students with the ‘Confidential’ notation are those that have requested a FERPA block on their account.

b) TouroOne ID #

c) Alternate PIN: Certain students may have an Alternate PIN that they need to register for classes online. When appropriate, provide them with this number so they may register for courses using TouroOne.

d) Student Information: Displays a student’s enrollment and curriculum status.

e) Holds, Test Scores, Transcripts: Click the View link under each of these columns to see the related information in the student’s record.

f) Email your advisees: Click the envelope icon to open the e-mail program on your computer with all of your listed student/advisee’s e-mail addresses automatically entered in the Blind Carbon Copy field. When you see the envelope icon adjacent to a student’s name, you can use it to send an email to just that student.


If a PIN has not been generated:

  1. Check that the term/year selected is the current semester.
  2. Contact the Registrar to confirm whether a SGASTDN record exists for the current term.
  3. Contact the Admissions Office to confirm whether an admissions decision was entered.
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