Adding an Authorized Payer on TouchNet

An Authorized Payer will be sent an email with a direct link to TouchNet and login instructions. They will not log in the same way you, as a student, do. His/her user login will be the email address you provided and the password will be provided to them by TouchNet for initial login. 

An Authorized Payer will be able to view your account activity, enroll in payment plans and make payments on your behalf.  

To add an individual as an authorized user on TouchNet:

1. Log into the TouroOne portal: using your portal credentials. (Follow the Account Management steps if necessary)



2. Select the 'Financial Services' option on the left side of the home page



3. Select 'TouchNet' in the Student Accounts portlet



4. Select 'Authorized Users'


5. Enter the authorized payer’s information and chose their access level



6. Click 'Continue', check box for Agreement and click the 'Continue' button again


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