Withdrawal Policy

If you plan to drop a course, you should first check the Withdrawal Policy for your program. Depending of the date of the withdrawal, you may be liable for some/all of the tuition. Please note, the administrative fee is non-refundable. 

Undergraduate Withdrawal Policy- This applies to:

Flatbush Men and Women


Lander College for Men and Women


Pre-professional program (MLV)

Freshmen Center




Graduate Withdrawal Policy- This applies to:

Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Technology, Graduate School of Social Work, Masters in Jewish Studies

Professional Programs Withdrawal Policy (TouroCOM, Pharmacy, Law and SHS professional health programs, Dental )

*The Withdrawal Policy does not apply to Touro University Nevada,  Touro University Worldwide, NYMC For information about the withdrawal policy for these schools, please contact the Help Desk. 

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