Dropping Courses

*If you need to drop all of your courses at any time, you will need to fill out the Add/Drop Form at the bottom of this article, fill it out and send it to your academic advisor. 

 PLEASE NOTE: It is important to check you program's Academic Calendar before dropping any courses. The date of the drop will determine:

      1) The amount of tuition for which you are liable. For more information, please visit this page:


      2) The grade which appears on the official/unofficial transcript


To Drop a Course:

1. Log into your TouroOne Portal account at

2. Click on the 'Registration' tab at the top of the page.


3. Click the 'Add/Drop Classes' button in the 'Register Now' portlet. Please note: there are two places that you can click Add or Drop Classes

4. Select the term that you want to register for from the drop down list and then click the 'Submit' button


5. Under the Current Schedule list, from the Action dropdown menu, choose from the options made available for you which may include Web Drop/Delete and Web Drop Partial Refund.

6. Click the 'Submit Changes' button.




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