Refund Information

If you have a credit balance on your account, you will receive a refund. A credit produced by federal aid funding will be processed by The Office of the Bursar within 14 days of the date the credit appears on your student account.

You have two options to receive your refund.  

  1. Electronic refund
  2. Paper check

We strongly recommend that students use the Electronic Refund (Direct Deposit) option which allows you to receive your refunds via electronic deposit to the bank account of your choice.

Electronic refund is the fastest way to receive a refund! To enroll in it, please use the below steps:

1. Log into TouroOne (

2. Click on the 'Financial Services' tab 

3. Click on 'Access Touchnet'

4. Click on 'Payment Profile'

5. Under 'Add New Payment Method, add the electronic check method and make sure that the box under 'Refund Options' is checked and continue with the process (This will cause all future refunds to be issued to this account) 


Please be advised that if you have paid by credit card via TouchNet any credit on your account will be credited back to that card first.

If you have any questions regarding your refund, please reach out to the Help Desk: or call us at 844-868-7666

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