Setting Up a Payment Plan

How do I set up a payment plan?

  1. Log into your TouroOne Portal accout: using your portal credentials. (follow the Account Management steps if necessary.)

  2. Select the “Financial Services” tab on the top of the home page. 

  3. Select “TouchNet” in the "Student Accounts" portlet.

  4. Select the "Payment Plans" tab

  5. Select the Term, and then click "Select."

  6. Click "Continue," and then "Display Schedule," and then "Continue"

  7. Select your Payment Method.

  8. Enter your credit card information or your checking or savings account information and Select “Continue”.

  9. Review Agreement and click agree, then “Continue”.   


    NOTE: Installments will not be charged automatically unless you link each one to a saved payment method. To do this, please proceed to the Payments tab, and click Schedule next to each installment listed.

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