Chalk & Wire FAQ for Faculty

Touro Faculty FAQ Sheet


What is Chalk & Wire?

Chalk & Wire is a secure online system for assessment of key assignments that demonstrate the development of our teacher candidates. Chalk & Wire is fully integrated with Blackboard, and key assignments are embedded within Blackboard courses. Students will use Chalk & Wire to complete key assignments, build edTPA portfolios, keep track of teaching hours, and much, much more.


What are the benefits of Chalk & Wire?

Faculty will be able to provide rich feedback on key assignments by text and voice. Detailed rubrics are linked to the key assignments, and grades are pushed directly back to Blackboard. Field Supervisors will use Chalk & Wire to submit Observation Reports. Students can make unlimited ePortfolios, for career and other purposes, and share them with anyone in the world, including family and friends, using email or social media. Storage is unlimited, secure and private, and documents and media can be accessed from ANY device, since video and audio are compressed into streaming media. Graduating students will have a complete ePortfolio of key assignments that document their professional growth.


Why is Chalk & Wire required?

The New York State Department of Education requires all accredited education programs to keep records of individual student performance and progress, based on National and State standards. The Chalk & Wire ePortfolio assessments will document our teacher candidates' performance on key assignments aligned with these standards.


How much does Chalk & Wire cost?

Faculty accounts are free. Students pay a one-time fee of $100 that gives them access to Chalk & Wire for 5 years. After that time they can’t upload files anymore, but they can still access their account and historic artifacts including ePortfolios.


How does Chalk and Wire work?

Chalk and Wire is connected to Blackboard. When a key assignment in a course is completed, students upload the assignment through Blackboard, and faculty are notified that it is ready for grading. The instructor evaluates those assignments using a rubric, and can leave detailed text and voice comments, and make annotations. Grades are pushed directly back to Blackboard, and students will receive a link to view the assessment and commentary.


How will I learn to use Chalk & Wire?

Training will be provided for faculty when they first teach a course that has an embedded key assignment. Faculty will teach students how to use Chalk & Wire a few weeks before their first key assignment becomes due. There is a Quickstart Guide for students (pending). There are also detailed instructions for faculty (assessors) and students on the Chalk & Wire website.


How do I log into Chalk & Wire?

Most faculty will access Chalk & Wire directly through Blackboard. When students submit a key assessment you will be notified by email that the assignment is available to assess and a link will take you to the TouroOne portal.


What if I need help with Chalk & Wire?

Chalk & Wire has extensive User Guides for students and faculty. You may also contact the TouroOne Helpdesk by email or phone 646-565-6552. In addition, Chalk & Wire support staff are available 7 days a week (8 am - 8 pm EST weekdays, 9 am - 9 pm EST weekends).


Updated October 01, 2017.

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