Troubleshooting Payment Plan Issues

-“I’m getting emails stating that my payment is late but I have an automatic payment plan.”

1. Go to the Payments tab, and check the list of installments. If you see a link labeled "Schedule" next to each installment, this means that you have not linked your installments to a saved payment method. This needs to be done for each individual installment. Once you've selected a payment method for each installment, your payments will be charged automatically.

2. If you were in fact charged for your installment, go to the Payments tab and check the list of installments. If the installment you just paid is listed as late, but the amounts of all of the installments have been reduced, please take a screenshot and send it to


-"There is a separate balance that doesn’t seem to be included in my payment plan."

Some charges cannot be included in a payment plan, and must be paid separately. You can make a payment for these charges by clicking the "Charges not included in the plan" link on the Touchnet homepage. If you are unsure about the due date for these charges, please contact the Bursar. 


-"My card is not working to make a payment."

You should first check with your financial institution to confirm that the card should work for this type of transaction. There may be a security feature on the card preventing the transaction from processing because it is online and/or above a certain amount.

If the financial institution confirms that the transaction should go through, please send a screenshot of the error you receive to


-"I received an email stating that my payment plan has changed, but I did not authorize any changes."

The reason for the change may be that charges and/or credits were applied to your account. If your total balance increases or decreases, the payment plan will automatically adjust to account for this. To check for new charges/credits, please go to Account Activity in Touchnet, and be sure to select a term at the top of the page. If you do not see any new transactions, please forward the email you received to 






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